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I Can Read Simple Stories for Beginning/Struggling readers provides students with a GENUINE opportunity to practice reading SIMPLE STORIES!

The simple stories in this passage give students the opportunity to read and decode a text that only includes sight words and targeted phonic skills. In the set of I Can Read Simple Sentences for Beginning/Struggling Readers (set 1), the text includes basic sight words (mostly pre-primer), CVC words, and color words.

sight words included in the stories: a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, read, run, said, see, the, three, two, two, up, we, where, yellow, you

When you provide students with a genuine opportunity to decode a text, they become confident and successful readers who build both fluency and comprehension.

Each text/story has a specific beginning, middle, and end. Students begin by reading the story. Next, they draw a picture to match the text. This is one way they will show comprehension of the text. Each story also has three simple comprehension questions. This allows students the opportunity to refer back to the text to locate their answers.

There are 30 simple stories included in Set 1.

The stories included in Set 1:
1. Dan’s Van
2. My Bag
3. Sam the Pig
4. Tim’s Bet
5. The Bus
6. Pam the Bug
7. Bob’s Pup
8. Tad the Dog
9. Dan’s Ham
10. Sam the Cop
11. Jen’s Pan
12. Tim’s Fan
13. Ben’s Job
14. The Rat
15. Jim and Dan
16. Three Bugs
17. Kat’s Gem
18. Tim and Max
19. Jim Hut
20. Kip’s Cab
21. Jim’s Hot Dog
22. Pam’s Wig
23. Tom’s Hat
24. Meg’s Lip
25. Jeb’s Cat
26. Sam the Ram
27. Ken and Rex
28. Dan’s Jet
29. The Purple Dot
30. Rob the Pug

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