Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages And Questions BUNDLE

Bundle Description

All-in-One Reading Passages give your students the opportunity to practice phonics and fluency with these reading comprehension passages and questions. The best part? It requires no prep on your end!

Now including original PDF + NEW digital versions of each phonics reading passage for distance learning!

Each reading passage gives your students the opportunity to practice a targeted phonics skill in the context of reading. Each phonics passage also builds fluency and comprehension. It’s the bundle every phonics-learning classroom needs!


Each phonics passage features:

●Targeted phonics skills are displayed in the left-hand corner so that you and your students can easily identify the skill for that passage.

●A left-aligned, engaging text that your students can interact with by highlighting the target skill words.

●1 or 2 graphics that match the targeted phonics skill and provides picture clue(s), which is especially beneficial to ESL/ELL students.

●Three smiley faces that students color each time they read the story. This fun activity builds fluency and comprehension.

●Three open-response comprehension questions require students to the text and write the words related to the targeted phonics skill.

The All-in-One Reading Passages Story

I created this set of reading passages while teaching first grade. I did not like any of the decodable text the big-box curriculum offered. It wasn’t engaging.

However, I knew how important it was for my students to practice phonics skills in the context of reading in order for their reading levels to increase.

We also had limited time in our daily schedule. Thus, All-in-One Reading Passages were born! These passages are targeted, engaging, and make students feel successful!

What People Are Saying About This Resource

“This product is absolutely fabulous! I used it with my year 2/3 struggling readers and EVERY SINGLE ONE went up an average of 4 PM reader levels! One of my girls actually went up 10 levels in one term!!” – Jessica P.

“WOW is all I can say! I love how multiple skills have been included in each passage to really hit on Common Core Standards and all! Excellent resource!” – Growing Minds

“I really don’t have enough room or time to list everything I love about this resource! The variety of skill practice, the countless ways it can be used (small group instruction, RTI, partner centers, homework/review)…I could go on and on! To say I’m excited about getting this in front of my kids would be an enormous understatement! Thank you for making this teacher’s life easier!”.

reading passages
reading passages
reading passages
reading passages

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